How We Got Started

Tea Breeze is an exclusive chain of Tea Cafes catering to discerning clientele backed by the 170 years old heritage of Mackwoods.

Founded in 1841, by Captain William Mackwood, Mackwoods has the distinction of being the second oldest Mercantile firm in Sri Lanka as well as being a member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for over 100 years. The Company remained with the Mackwood family until 1956 when ownership passed to Mr. N.S.O. Mendis. In addition to trading, Mackwoods has been associated with the plantation industry almost since its inception, and the Company was managing over 40 estates at the time of nationalization of the estates.

Mackwoods renewed its association with plantations in 1992 under the visionary leadership of Mrs. N.S.O. Nonis, who steered the Mackwoods Group as Director, Deputy Chairperson and Chairperson over a period spanning 40 years, and was the only Sri Lankan female to head a plantation company.  Her modesty and self-effacing charm often belied her substantial contribution to the Plantation Industry of Sri Lanka. She steered Mackwoods' investments in human capital and the community, process engineering and modernization, replanting and sustainable development, and diversification initiatives, which have been rewarded through international and local benchmarks of quality and excellence, whilst always maintaining her deep commitment to the social development and welfare of our plantation community.

The core business areas of the Mackwoods Group consist of Healthcare; Agribusiness and Plantations; Industry, Manufacturing; Power Generation; Import/Export trading; ICT Education and Software Development; Hotels and Leisure Sector; Infrastructure and Real Estate Development; Stockbroking and Financial Services.

The family tradition at Mackwoods continues today, as Mackwoods enters its 174th year of business, with Dr. Chris Nonis, the son of the late Mrs. Sriyani Nonis. The Mackwoods Group continues to forge ahead in the 21st Century and its theme "Tradition with Vision" exemplifies the driving force, which has enabled the business to survive the many vicissitudes since its founding 174 years ago and is a part of Sri Lanka’s heritage. A Company with a great tradition in the past, meeting the future with vision and confidence, pursuing a strategy of diversification led growth, fiscal prudence, and constant innovation, as it continues to strive for excellence.

The name Mackwoods is synonymous with the finest Ceylon Tea, as Mackwoods has been associated with tea almost since it's inception. Today, Mackwoods manages 27,000 acres of plantations comprising 15 Tea, Rubber and Oil Palm estates, and brings you tea direct from the producer thus ensuring a fairer return to the local community.

In concert with our deep commitment to our community, we have an extensive ongoing programme of housing, education, healthcare and recreation facilities.

Mackwoods is an eco-friendly company and our mini hydro-power projects which harness our natural streams, our extensive re-plantation programmes, and our agro forestry reserves stand as ample testimony of our commitment to the environment.